Quick Facts About Solar Power

Quick Facts About Solar Power

As we continually look for new sources of clean renewable energy and ways of living green, individual customers are looking to themselves to effect change in a tangible way that corporations and governments seem unwilling to do.

Corporate vs. Personal Solar Sentiments

While governments pass laws and spend money to try to implement measures that will lessen climate change, corporations have been slow to actually bring these measures into use because limiting the damage caused by continued use of fossil fuels often conflict with the impact on their profit margins. Hire us to get the most qualified, trained and professional technicians for Solar installation in Bakersfield, CA

The result for power companies has been an ongoing push-and-pull between being known as an earth-conscious company and finding ways to dissuade customers from going solar, which hurts profits. For example, U.S. energy companies are trying to charge people for producing their own power through solar panels.

Nevertheless, citizens around the world are increasingly taking matters into their own hands to live a green lifestyle.

From recycling to installing tankless water heaters to investing in electric vehicles, the American consumer is becoming a power for climate change. They’re increasingly taking matters into their own hands to live a green lifestyle.

Reducing energy consumption has been a practical change that many are embracing. Driving an electric or hybrid car means less consumption of gasoline. Putting in a tankless water heater offers hot water on demand, heating it as needed rather than keeping a reservoir heated with a constant pull of energy.

Benefits of Solar

Hiring a solar company to install solar panels in Bakersfield, CA, Cleveland, OH, or in Chicago, IL, reduces a household’s draw on the electrical grid but also has the following benefits.

Solar Panels Are Efficient

While many believe that solar panels are not an efficient way of creating electricity, everyday solar panels are now eclipsing 20% efficiency. This means that at least 20% of the solar energy that reaches a panel is able to be converted to electricity, a huge advance from the days of 11%.

Adopting Solar Decreases Residential Energy Bills

Watch your energy bills decrease. Solar panels have the wonderful advantage of reducing your electric bill from the day that your nearest solar company installs them on your home. Whether you live in sunny California or in a cloudier region, solar panels generate enough energy to power your home, often exceeding your power consumption needs and allowing you to sell that power to the electric company. Fix your malfunctioning solar panel today, call us and get the best services for Solar repair service in Bakersfield, CA and surrounding areas. 

Solar Customers Are Often Eligible For Tax Credits

Get a tax credit. Thirty percent of the cost of your equipment and the installation can be claimed as a federal tax credit. Add to this the rebates many states and localities are offering and the total cost of installing your solar panels is greatly reduced.

Solar Panels Are Good Investments

Solar panels are an investment.

The average annual energy cost per person is around $3,000. Solar panels allow you to eliminate that cost from the moment they are installed and throughout the life of the panels, which are usually guaranteed for 25 years. That is $75,000. Now add nearly an increase of $6,000 (per kilowatt installed) in your home’s resale value.

Finally, factor in the cost of a new roof for your home, and reduce that because solar panels extend roof life by protecting it from the sun, rain, wind, and snow.

That’s quite the investment!