Arlo Thompson

I give Bland Co 5 stars, because every step of the way, from bid to installation of a solar system and new upgraded HVAC system, they were a breeze to work with. Hats off to salesman Dan Mello, installers Doug Hunter and his crew. Bland is the most professional and knowledgeable company in this field that I have encountered.👍

Milt Burford

First class service on my heating, cooling and solar systems at my home. Bland is tops in the business.

Kathy Hill

I called on a Sunday asking for a Monday appointment. The technician arrived early and did a very thorough job. He checked everything carefully and fixed my problem. I also appreciated that he explained everything to me.

Nancy McDermott

Very impressed with the knowledge Aaron has about plumbing. He was able to assess the situation quickly and explain it to us in a way that we understood what he was talking about.

David inlow

Aaron and the boys did a great job re plumbing my house. They did it on time and within my budget. I highly recommend them.

Susan Billings

Going with a solar system is a big investment and in many ways mysterious to lesser informed customers. The wait time was long but understandable given the public interest. The actual installation was quick and efficient. There were some hiccups along the way having to do with communications between the customer ( me ) and the project manager. Also there was a failure in the end to communicate with the power company to get all the final details ironed out.Bland acknowledged this problem and has assured me this will be resolved in the next 1-2 days. I’m anxious to get this project in my rearview mirror. My suggestion as a customer: communication.


Josh and Oscar of Bland Solar did a great job helping us through the process of acquiring solar. They were extremely responsive and professional; they quickly answered all my questions with clear and concise explanations that were easy to understand. I am very pleased with the design and implementation of the system. If I had known how easy the process could be I certainly would not have waited as long as I did to put solar on my house. There are few things as exciting as watching the PGE meter spin backwards! Bland did a great job for our family. Thanks Josh, Oscar and all the fine people at Bland Solar.

Kern Valuation Services

Great experience with Bland Solar. Jim McClean did a terrific job walking us through the process. The solar installation team was very professional. The company as a whole has done a great job and has been very responsive. Quality work. Very happy working with Bland Solar.

Ted R.

We have just completed the installation of a large solar system on our home property. We must make a point to tell Bland Solar and Air what a positive experience it was. Your technicians were professional, articulate and supremely competent. Every morning your staff arrived on time and took a minute to check in, ask if we had any questions for the day, and then set to work. They estimated that the work would be completed on a Monday and was finished a day early. So, it is obvious they knew their craft. We always make a point of using locally owned businesses when we can. We had the pleasure of meeting, Mr. Bland, at a fundraiser for Willie Rivera that he hosted almost a year ago. Knowing how well Mr. Bland treated his employees is simply the icing on the cake. We will be proud and happy to recommend Bland Solar to all of our friends and acquaintances as they consider moving to Solar. Thank you for the exceptional experience.

Phil S.

My husband researched solar for a few years and talked to companies in Bakersfield as well as L.A. He finally decided he would just tackle the job on his own since not one other company met his qualifications. We saw an ad for Bland Solar and decided to just go see what they had to say….not thinking anything would happen just like all the rest. To my surprise, within 15 minutes my husband made to decision to go with Bland Solar. They were spot on with everything they showed us and within 30 minutes we were ready for the job to begin. We have had 2 months of PG&E bills come in since the installation with a great report! The installers were very professional and the cleanup was perfect. We were and are 100% satisfied!