A Brief Guide to Increasing Roof Longevity

A Brief Guide to Increasing Roof Longevity

While planning to roof your building, you have to consider the materials used and the issues that can arise to increase your roof’s longevity.

Different Types of Roofing Material

There are plenty of building materials and criteria to choose from when installing your roof. Some of the things to consider include the price of the building material, the aesthetics, and the quality of the material. Bland roofing services can help you through some of these procedures.

Learn how to choose the best type of roofing material for your building project.

Asphalt Roll Roof

Asphalt roll roof materials can be used for buildings that are not specially meant for home or office purposes. An example of this kind of building is a woodshed. So if you have an attached building to your main home building, you can make use of an asphalt roll roofing material for it. They last for a period of about 5 to 10 years, and it isn’t much you can do to make them last longer than that. However, they can be duly maintained by the regular removal of dirt and debris.

Composite Shingle Roof

Composite shingle roof has a lifespan of 15 to 50 years depending on how well they are maintained. They are very affordable in purchasing and also in installing them. However, there may be variations in prices due to the fact that there are different qualities of this material. The quality of this roofing type also depends on the manufacturer of the material, and you should make enough research before purchasing it. So obviously, the lifespan of composite shingle roofing material also depends on the quality as well. As for maintenance, make sure you eliminate moss as soon as they start appearing on the roof, and you should also pay observation to composite shingles that tend to shed grains after the first year, as this means that it is of poor quality material.

Wood Shingle Roof

Wood shingle roofing materials can last for a period of 25 years at most. However, the disadvantage of this material is that wood, being an organic matter, is susceptible to weather conditions. For optimum maintenance, you can replace the shingles when they are cracked, and remove moss as soon as they appear. Wood shingle roofs are also more susceptible to fire and are not typically used in new installations.

Standing Seam Metal

This roofing material is one of the most expensive, and this is due to its durability of the material. They can last for a period of 30 to 50 years Ensure that you hire a good roofing company to help you in the laying of this material. For maintenance, check for sealant failures and migrating panels.

Spanish Tile Roof

This roofing material is one of the most durable types you can find with a longevity of up to 100 years! They are most common in Spain and some regions of South America. For maintenance, make sure that you avoid walking on the tile roof.

Common Roofing Issues That Need Immediate Attention

The roof is the protective barrier over your home which you may often take for granted. It plays an important role in a cozy home and neglecting issues related to it can be an invitation to disaster. Here are some roofing issues that need your immediate attention. If you ignore them, it can lead to unwanted problems, significant replacement/repair costs, or catastrophic damage.

  1. Leaks: The primary function of a roof is to keep you dry in rain and protect you from the vagaries of weather. If you notice any kind of leakage in the house, it could be due to cracked or damaged shingles. In that case, you need to immediately search “roof repair in Bakersfield” and find a company to determine the source of the leak. If water leaks aren’t repaired on time, they could lead to other roof issues that can significantly increase the repair costs.
  2. Alligatoring: Alligatoring is a roof issue that mainly occurs in asphalt-based roofing materials. In such roofs, the temperature changes cause the top of the roofing surface to shrink, leading to cracks. When this happens, the roof surface looks like alligator skin, hence the name.
    You need to address the alligatoring issue as soon as possible. If the problem is left unaddressed, the shrinkage may continue and the cracks might split the membrane and expose the lower layers to water and other elements.
  3. Ice Dams: An Ice dam refers to a ridge of ice at the edge of the roof that prevents the drainage of water. The backed-up ice and water can cause the roof to shake which, in turn, can lead to roof damage. If the problem is unattended, it can cause severe leaks in your roof. While the ice dams might look non-threatening, you need to contact a company that does roof repair in Bakersfield to prevent any further damage to the roof.
  4. Moss Growth: Moss growth in spaces between shingles is a common problem. In a wet climate, the moss can grow a few inches thick. Though the vegetation might seem harmless, its spongy mass soaks and stores rainwater and moisture. The soaked water can find its way down through the underlayers and finally, the water droplets will leak through a wooden deck. If left untreated, the moss growth will spread to the ceiling and walls, which would increase repair costs alongside potential mold issues.
  5. Curling Shingles: As the roof gets older, the corner of the asphalt shingles starts curling. When you notice curling shingles, you need to replace or repair them by gluing down the curled section. Curling shingles are signs of a failing roof system that needs immediate attention.
    Regardless of the roof issue, ignoring timely repair and roof maintenance can lead to negative effects snowballing quickly. You should contact the roof repair company and get the repairs done as soon as possible.
    Hire the services of SLO County roofing experts to help with the effective installation of any of the roofing materials that you want.