4 Ways to Improve Solar Cell Efficiency

Solar energy is one of the biggest assets to the humankind as it can be used to generate energy to perform everyday tasks with much ease and for a cheaper cost, whether it’s for your home or your business.

To improve the solar energy system, here are some of the ways in which you can enhance the efficiency of the solar cells:

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

If you find that the dust has accumulated on the surface of the glass of the solar panel then it will reduce the efficiency of the panels. Due to this, sufficient sunlight would not reach the photovoltaic cells and these would get dissipated. Make sure that there is no dust or dirt over the surface of the cell. Learn about our solar system cleaning process or schedule or schedule our solar panel cleaning service here!

Install the panels correctly

You need to make sure that the solar panels are installed correctly and there is proper orientation along with the right adjustment of the angle. Moreover, this would also ensure that the solar panel gets sufficient sunlight throughout the day so that it can be used for the desired purpose efficiently. It is advised that the orientation of the solar panels should be facing south of the northern hemisphere as maximum sunlight can be obtained from this region. Moreover, the panel should be tilted in such a manner that they receive the sunlight from 9 in the morning to 3 in the evening.

Avoid Installing Solar Panels in Shaded Areas

You should make sure that the solar panel is not kept in the shaded region as that might have an adverse effect on the power efficiency. This problem is worse when you have solar cells that are connected in a series combination using string inverters. In the case that the solar cell is shaded, it may be possible that the solar energy produced is limited.

Make use of a solar concentrator

A Solar concentrator is exactly what it sounds like, a system for concentrating solar energy into a smaller contained area.  Sunlight is directed on the panels with the help of a solar concentrator. The main purpose of this equipment is to concentrate the light that is falling on a large area to get directed on a smaller portion. Moreover, you can make use of a large mirror for the initiation of this task. Also, this would help in increasing the overall efficiency of the solar cells which can otherwise prove to be highly expensive. With this, you would be able to save on a lot of energy and also save money on the monthly bills. Hire commercial solar Fresno services.

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