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What Are The Best Ways to Clean Solar Panels?

The best way to clean solar panels is to hire an experienced company to do it. Company’s such as Bland Solar have specialized equipment to ensure the panels get cleaned well and don’t cause damage to your solar system all while ensuring the safety of our solar cleaners.

Some people prefer to try it themselves first before calling in the professionals.  If you go this route, it is advised that you start cleaning the panels from the ground surface and then move to the rooftop only when you have safety equipment to avoid injuries.  If that is not possible, it is always best that you consult a professional for the work.

The best time to clean the panels is during early morning or evening hours. In case the sun is blazing on the panels, use you spray water over it as it would evaporate fast and the dirt would then get smeared all over. The heat from the sun also causes the glass panels to heat up. Spraying them with cold water could cause them to crack.

When you choose to clean the panels during the early morning hours as it becomes easy to clean it as the dew moistens the dirt particles which make it easier for you clean it up and that too with less water and make use of less cleaning resources. In case the panels are dry, you can brush the loose materials first as that would make the cleaning part easier.

Avoid using metal objects for removed the grime and dust that gets accumulated on the solar panels as rubbing the glass can cause scratches which can cast shadows on the glass. Also, never use detergents or abrasive powders as these can streak the glass on the panel.

A good quality solar panel glass would get cleaned up with normal water with a little scrubbing with a coarse cloth or a soft brush.  If your tap water is extremely hard than you could be left with water spots or streaks.

Residential installation of the solar panels is not much to bother about as you just need to access the rooftop and check out the potential areas which can accumulate a lot of dust around. It would be better if you leave it on nature to let it do its job of cleaning the dust from the surface of the panels.

To ensure that the panels are free from dust and dirt and do not hinder the functioning you should rather check them out every once in a week. Also, avoid cleaning it up on your own if you are not sure if you would be doing it correctly and rather get help from a professional to complete the task.

We’re solar panel cleaning Fresno homes as well as Bakersfield, Clovis, Atascadero, Paso Robles, and surrounding areas.

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Bland Solar - What are the best ways to clean solar panels

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