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The new songs hit the top ten in the US R and Rap charts, which bodes well for the album. ‘Queen’ will follow Nicki’s 2014 released ‘The Pinkprint’ which earned her a nomination for Best Rap Album at the 58th Grammy Awards in 2016. So far, no more information has been revealed about the new album, though we expect a whole host of producers are involved alongside Chevy Music and Jeremy Reid..

It became clearer that Dickson’s time in Seattle was coming to an end when the team made offseason moves that included the signing of veteran Greg Olson and a deal to bring back Luke Willson. Dickson’s release saves Seattle $3 million. He previously played with Baltimore and Carolina before signing with Seattle before the 2018 season..

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My next set of ears are definitely going to be wireless. I hate how the wires are alway hanging up on things and then I end up having to replace them because of the wire I just pulled out of the earpiece. Thanks for the info that will help as I shop for my next pair of earbuds.

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