Solar Energy FAQs

Common Solar Questions. Bland Solar Answers.

Solar energy can seem a little confusing and mystical, so here are our best answers to your Solar Energy FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

  1. Solar panel prices have dropped over 60% in the past several years, so prices on solar power systems have dropped significantly too.
  2. You can install the best solar energy system with $0 down and no money out of your pocket. We offer low-interest Financing options.
  3. The 26% Federal Tax Credit drops your actual price by thousands! For example, a $10,000 solar power system ends up costing just $7,400 because you will get back $2,600 tax credit when you file your taxes.

3 Reasons:

  1. 3.4% utility rate hike requested over next 3 years. At the start of 2016, PG&E announced its largest rate increase in a decade, pushing the average residential customer’s bill up 7%. For example, a $350 monthly bill jumped to more than $375 in 2016! If rates continue to go up just 3% a year - which is what they have averaged over the past 20 years - your electric bill will double over the next 20 years.
  2. Residential solar panel prices are down over 60% compared to the last serveral years. As production of solar panels has ramped up, prices have dropped to their lowest level ever. And because Bland Solar & Air is one of the largest buyers of solar panels, we get the best solar panel pricing possible and pass our volume savings on to you.
  3. Solar incentives will begin ending soon. Utilities will be required to offer Net Metering offsets for home solar power systems only until the total capacity of renewable energy goals are met, and that capacity is filling up fast.


  • Your monthly payments never increase.
  • You can sell the solar system with your house - solar adds thousands of dollars to the value of houses for sale.
  • Your cost to produce power is as low as 9¢ a kWh (kilowatt hour) which means you’re ahead of the game even during winter months when utilities pay you 13¢ per kWh.
  • During the summer months, you’ll get even more - up to 25¢ per kWh when utilities pay 31-34¢ per kWh.
  • Your loan term can be as short as 3 -5 years.


  • A lease is a lien on your house. If you decide to sell, a buyer will have to assume the lease. Some leases allow you to move a leased system to you new home, but restrictions often apply.
  • A lease is a 20 year commitment to purchase power from the system on your roof (owned by investors, not you) at 18¢ per kWh with lease payments that increase about 3% per year.
  • Cost to produce power is around 18-22¢ per kWh (kilowatt hour) which means you’re actually losing money during winter months when utilities pay you 13¢ per kWh. During the summer months, you’ll get as little 8¢ per kWh when utilities pay 31-34¢ per kWh.

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Several studies have shown that adding solar energy systems immediately adds value to your home and can actually help you sell it faster because potential buyers recognize the value in lowering their electricity bill. You can easily transfer your existing system to the new homeowner and they will continue on with the system and receive the benefits of clean energy and a lower, yearly power bill.

*Note does not apply if you're leasing.

Solar energy systems installed by Bland Company are backed by 25-year limited power warranties.

Our solar energy systems feature web-based monitoring that shows you the amount of electricity being generated 24/7. If something isn’t working properly, you’ll immediately get an email or text message alerting you. Your solar panels are manufacture warrantied to produce electricity for 25 years and we will replace them at no charge if they do not produce more than 80% of their factory-rated power output. Our micro-inverters are also warrantied for 25 years.

Bland Company is employee-owned and is uniquely positioned to save you money on your Solar, AC & Heating, and Roofing projects or any combination of the three. We have expertise in residential and commercial work and are confident that our customers will tell you the same.

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