Solar Brands We Carry

You need solar energy options? We have them!

We realize that everyone’s situation is a bit different. It doesn’t matter if we’re installing solar panels on your home or business, there are many factors that help us determine the right solar energy system for you. Things like the roof square footage, facing direction, and shading are all factors that influence the required system size of a solar energy system. Because of that, we carry multiple solar brands to give you options. Don’t overspend. Let us build you a quality solar energy system that will not only work to eliminate your utility bill but also be as cost effective as possible.

The products and solar panel brands that we choose to carry are based on several different factors including: quality of product, included warranties, and the economic health of the manufacturing brand/company. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase for the entire life of the products.

Our solar panels and micro-inverters are made to last and carry warranties up to 25 years


LG NeOn R Panel With LG Logo

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