Roof Repairs & Restorations

Despite what you may have heard, water spots on your ceiling or missing shingles is not the latest trend. In fact, not dealing with these issues can cause greater damage later. Sounds like you may be in need of a roof repair. It’s best to have your roof inspected as soon as you notice a potential problem. Sadly, many homeowners neglect their roofs, but like everything else in your home, a roof requires maintenance.

Common roof problems that require repair:

  • Poor or faulty installation
  • Leaks, moisture, stains, or mold on interior ceiling
  • Improperly installed flashing
  • Accumulated water (ponding)
  • Broken, worn, or missing tiles
  • Punctures or penetrations
  • Deteriorating, aging, shrinking, or blistering of shingles
  • Areas that look dark or dirty

Our roofing repairs exceed industry standards with high customer ratings, utilize top brands, and are guaranteed from start to finish.

If you suspect any issues with your roof, contact us to schedule an inspection.

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