Jonathan B.

My A/C had a series of problems, over 8 days, during triple digits. Luckily Jacob was able to plug the leak, refill the fluids, and replace the compressor fan unit. Also, when I got solar quotes, I got very many, and Colter at Bland’s was clearly the best offer. I wound up starting my own solar company, but I must give credit where it is due.

Elizabeth P.

My mother-in-law had to have a tech come out for an A/C service call. Angel Monjaraz to the rescue! He was very helpful, took the time to explain everything he found, and got her A/C working beautifully. He was very knowledgeable and was very careful to check not just the obvious, but also things others may have skipped. We will request him in the future, as he was so respectful and personable with my MIL, and put her mind at ease. Thank you, Angel!

Vikaas S.

We put an offer on the home in Fresno and all was going well until the appraiser said we need to significantly repair or replace the roof before we close. Under a time crunch due to 45-day escrow closing and my rate lock expiring in a month, I asked Jesse from Bland Company for help—Bland Company, along with HVAC systems, is a solar contractor and roofing contractors which are licensed and trained to take the house’s solar panels off and put them back on after replacing the roof. Within just 3.5 weeks (in this economy), this roofing contractor moved heaven and Earth to meet my timeline, leaving me speechless at the excellent work they did. I’m sure I annoyed Jesse with my continuous requests for updates along the way, but he provided me with all the info I needed and was extremely professional while doing so. It’s because of Bland that my wife and I overcame a seemingly insurmountable challenge to purchase our next 10+ -year home. I can’t thank them enough for the help, and I’d recommend Bland Company to anyone from Fresno and Merced to Bakersfield, to the Central Coast in Atascadero, where they are also located. Choose Bland Company for HVAC, solar installation, and roofing! You won’t regret it.

Tammy P.

“Bland was by far the most knowledgeable and professional of the proposals we received.”

Jorge B.

“Had the best experience from point of inquiry, salesman knowledge. Not pushy or aggressive. Gave me ample time, one year, and did not harass me with calls. Gave me time to do more research with other companies, who were aggressive.”

Brian D.

“Bland Solar not only met our expectations but exceeded them. The install team was very thorough with their communication and meeting their timeline. They were very professional, clean, and organized.”

Corrine R.

“The roof looks FABULOUS!!! I really have a ton of appreciation for the workers.”

Marciel S.

“They are very professional. They do great work. They spoke to me in a language I could understand as roofing is out of my area of knowledge. They worked with me and I trust them. Bland is my go-to company.”

Guadalupe H.

“The whole experience was straightforward forward and I was kept well informed throughout the process.”

John K.

“We are very happy with the price we paid to have Bland install a new air conditioner in our home. The icing on the cake was the absolutely fantastic customer service.”