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Bakersfield - (661) 836-3880
Fresno - (559) 385-2528    |    SLO - (805) 602-6688


PG&E Just Upped Their Rates AGAIN!

PG&E rates are already increasing. In fact, a recent public policy analyst even shared concern that rates may soon double!†   But there’s a silver lining…   Solar is still the best way to protect against increasing utility rates.   If you already have solar on your house, you know first hand the stability it…

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4 Tips to Select the Best Solar Panels for Your Home

Installing a solar energy system is one of the smartest investments for homeowners.  Solar panels are an element of the solar energy system. However, not all solar panels in Bakersfield CA are created equal. Here, we have provided 4 tips to select the best solar panels for your home.  But before that, you need to…

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What to Know About the Costs of Installing Solar Panels?

Solar panels are designed to generate electricity by absorbing natural energy emitted by the sun’s rays. It is a renewable and environment-friendly method of producing our basic daily necessity for power. Though sunny days produce the maximum solar energy, these panels continue to derive energy even in cloudy weather conditions. Sunlight is a daily phenomenon…

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Questions to Ask your Solar Power Installation Company in Bakersfield

Couple sitting on floor reviewing solar installation plans

If you are considering going solar, it’s likely that you have many questions regarding the process and all it entails. Finding out as much as you can about Bakersfield solar panels and installation may be a good start for you. And the best part is you can gain so much insight from the installation company…

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5 Irresistible Reasons to Choose Solar Energy

In recent times, solar energy has emerged as a potential source of electricity for both residential and commercial properties. A solar system converts sunlight into DC current through its photovoltaic cells. It saves heavily on your utility bills while providing clean and renewable energy. If you have still not decided to go for solar energy…

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Types of Electric Power Solar Systems You Need to Know

solar panels on roof

  Know about the different types of solar systems so you can make a decision to choose the right one for your energy needs. There are many residential power solar systems that people use all over the world. There are however those that stand out from the rest due to their capability to serve without…

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Benefits of Using Solar Energy

Men installing solar panels on roof

The pressure on non-renewable energy resources is at an all time high due to increasing population and demand. In this case, the only option is to rely on renewable energy resources so that we can continue feeding the requirements of this tech-powered world. Solar energy is readily available in some parts of the world that…

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The Pros and Cons of an Off-Grid Solar System

solar panels on roof

  Grid-tied and off grid solar systems have both advantages and disadvantages as compared to one another. Grid-tied is more common among solar system owners, as they are still on the grid with the rest of the city. Being off the grid means that you are independent and providing your own power to your home…

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6 Signs to Tell Quality Solar Installation

Solar for your Home-Residential-Bland-Solar on home roof

Using solar energy in California is a wonderful idea. Apart from benefiting from reduced energy costs, installing solar panels promotes green living. When investing in solar panels, you don’t just choose any installer. It pays to work with professional and reliable installers to give you peace of mind. Letting professionals handle your solar installation is…

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5 Reasons to Go Solar

Green meadow with grass covered houses and solar panels on top

  Homeowners go solar for different reasons; however, protecting & improving the environment, and reducing the ever-rising energy bills are the most common. More and more people are embracing greener solutions in a bid to improve the eco-system. Today, homeowners are integrating solar power solutions for incredible environmental and financial benefits it presents when matched…

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