Where to Find a Solar Installer in Central California

Where to Find a Solar Installer in Central California

Knowing which solar provider to hire to install solar panels in your home is not an easy task. There are a few resources that can aid in your decision. Whether you’re in the Central Valley or Central Coast of California, your options can vary depending on:

  • What type of system do you want
  • The cost
  • Whether they can guarantee the solar installation won’t void your roof warranty
  • Many more factors

We’ve developed a list of solar installers in the Central Valley and the Central Coast. Get a quote from Bland Company today and compare us to these other solar installers.

Solar Fit

List of Solar Installers in the Central Valley

The Central Valley is often defined as the areas in the San Joaquin Valley in California from Modesto down Highway 99 through Merced, Fresno, Visalia, and Bakersfield. Bland Company services these areas through a physical location that’s in Bakersfield and a mobile location in Fresno. Here is a list of solar installer companies in these areas.

List of Solar Installers on the Central Coast

While the Central Valley’s climate and sun exposure makes it a great place for homes to have solar power, the Central Coast’s more temperate climate is also advantageous because temperatures often produce peak efficiency from solar panels.

However, the Central Coast spanning from Monterrey down to Santa Barbara has significantly fewer options for those looking to install solar panels. And unlike Bland Company, many of these solar companies don’t also offer roofing services. Here are your options for solar installers on the Central Coast.

What To Ask Your Solar Installer

Here are some questions you should ask your solar installer.

  1. What is your experience?
  2. What kinds of payment plans do you take?
  3. Do I need any permits on my end?
  4. Should I worry about my roof?
  5. What size panel is suitable for my home?
  6. Will my roof need strengthening?
  7. Will you perform a shading analysis?
  8. What warranties are issued?
  9. How will the units be held on the roof?

For more details on how a good solar installer would respond to these questions, and why it’s important to know these important pieces of information, check out our blog post on what to ask solar installers.