Energy Rate Increases – A Thing of the Past

Energy Rate Increases – A Thing of the Past

PG&E in 2021 proposed a $7.4 billion increase in the form of “new investments” according to their news release. These new investments came in the form of an 18% rate increase from users, which is approximately predicted to increase your energy statements by $36. PG&E uses a tiered system to charge you for your energy use. This means that your energy statement will be based on the amount of electricity or gas you use in each billing cycle.

Energy Usage in California

The sun is one of the earth’s most abundant sources of energy, so the issue of it failing or enough energy being produced for your needs, is more in the grasp of your hands than you would think.

In the U.S. we make up *about 17% of the world’s total energy usage. And California accounts for *about 5% of that total. Since PG&E rates are increasing rates at more than double the average rate increase (1-3%) in 2021, an actionable response from us can be to consider investing in solar power. Save your energy usage and electricity bills  by getting full fledged services for Solar Installation in Bakersfield, CA. 

How to Take Control of Your Energy

Making the investment to install solar panels will give you the freedom to choose what company you work with (we recommend using an established local company). It’ll also give you a customized energy system according to your needs and give you the freedom to leave behind energy rate increases. Consider the following ways to find out how solar can benefit you:

  • Getting quotes from local solar companies – Bland Company offers free quotes and has been in the Central Valley for 36 years.
  • Research the value installing solar panels will add to your home.
  • The difference between owning your solar system and leasing/renting it.
  • Financing options for you to leave behind energy rate increases for good.
  • Schedule a meeting with one of our solar consultants by filling out the form below!

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