What Are the Best Ways to Clean Solar Panels?

What Are the Best Ways to Clean Solar Panels?

Solar panels require minimal maintenance compared to other electric power solutions. However, if it doesn’t undergo the right amount of cleaning, it could affect the efficiency of your solar power system. Read on for advice on cleaning solar panels. Hire us to get the most professional, reliable and trained technicians for Solar installation in Atascadero, CA and surrounding areas. 

The Best Way: Hire an Experienced Cleaner

The best way to clean solar panels is to hire an experienced company to do it. Companies that focus on solar services, such as Bland Company, have specialized equipment for the best cleaning of solar panels without causing damage to your solar power system, all while ensuring the safety of the solar cleaners on your property.

Self-Cleaning the Solar Panels

If you want to try cleaning your solar panels before calling in professionals, you’re not alone. We find this is a common route solar panel owners or leasers take.

Where to Start with Cleaning Solar Panels

If you go this route, start cleaning the panels from the ground level and carefully moving up the house to the rooftop. It’s key to make sure you are wearing and using safety equipment to avoid injuries. If that sounds too daunting or risky, or have any doubts about if you’re doing it right, go ahead and consult a professional for the work.

The Best Time to Clean Solar Panels

The best time to clean the panels is during the early morning or the evening hours. This can speed up the cleaning process by limiting quick evaporation of water during hours with high sunlight. That heat from the direct sunlight could also cause the solar panels to become very hot—spraying them with cold water could cause them to crack.

Cleaning solar panels during the early morning hours makes it easier to clean because the morning deew moistens dirt particles, helping it lift with less water.

Tip: If the panels are dry, you can brush loose materials before cleaning to speed up the cleaning process.

What You Need to Clean Solar Panels

Avoid using metal objects for removing the grime and dust that gets accumulated on the solar panels—rubbing the glass with metal can cause scratches which may cast shadows on the panels, making them less efficient. Also, never use detergents or abrasive powders because they can streak the glass on the panel.

A good quality solar panel glass can be cleaned with basic water and a little scrubbing with a coarse cloth or a soft brush. If your tap water is very hard water, (it has a high mineral content,) then it could leave your panels with water spots or streaks.

Let Nature Clean Your Solar Panels

Residential solar panels don’t require much cleaning. If your area gets moderate rainfall, it may just be better to leave it alone and let the rain do the cleaning for you.

To ensure that the panels are free from dust and dirt and don’t hinder your solar power system efficiency, you should check on them at least one time per week.

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