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Bakersfield - (661) 836-3880
Fresno - (559) 385-2528    |    SLO - (805) 602-6688

New Installations

When it’s time to buy or replace your HVAC system, the task can be daunting. There are so many options and so many companies that seem to all offer the same thing. At Bland Air Conditioning, we’ll take a look at your specific situation to determine the best way to save you energy and money! Saving money is exciting!

We’re more than just a service company that ignores customer needs and complaints. We’ll show you options. Whether you need a 3 or 4 ton, split, or mini split system, our sales consultants will help you understand what you’re buying. We can also look at ways to incorporate other things like whole house fans or solar to reduce your overall utility bill. Go ahead turn down that thermostat another 5 degrees.

  • We won’t sell you something you don’t need
  • You can lower your summer utility bills
  • Our team is highly-skilled in repairing and installing heating and air conditioning systems.
  • We offer top brands and products to meet your needs.

We install HVAC units in BakersfieldFresnoAtascadero, and surrounding areas.


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