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Bland Experiences

Customers say it better.

“I first found Bland Solar in 2011 when I was looking into installing solar on my home. I interviewed 10 companies and narrowed it down to two. After more discussion and bids between the two, I chose Bland Solar. At the time I felt that Bland had the best product, best price, and best service. I have not been disappointed and the service and product have been exceptional.

In 2013 our Church was trying to lower our monthly costs. One idea was to reduce or eliminate our electrical costs with solar. We have a small congregation without huge contributions. We were between a rock and a hard spot. How do we reduce our monthly expenses and still afford to go solar?

We interviewed two companies, and we ended up going with Bland Solar. Glenn Bland worked very closely with the leadership of our church. He was able to offer quality panels for a very competitive price. He did everything possible to help us afford solar at our church.

The performance of the solar system has been a life saver for our congregation. Today we have NO ELECTRIC BILL. In fact, we get a little money back from PG&E. The system will pay for itself in 9 years. Our small congregation can now meet its financial budget, as well as afford to open our facility to outside organizations that support kids and our community even during the hot summer months. Thank you Glenn and Bland Solar for your efforts in helping us.”

-Gary Powers, Bakersfield, CA

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I had a number of Solar Companies come out and give me a quote. Most just tried to sell me the one or two products that they pushed. Ty Simpson from Bland Solar & Air listened to what was important to me and assessed all of our needs. They helped us choose from the many different products that they offered. Most other companies just relied on what my PG&E bill said I needed based on my past usage, along with a quick glance at my roof. And in a couple of cases just an old picture of my house on the internet. Ty was the only person who climbed on my roof and used instruments to measure the angle of the sun’s path over my roof, to be sure that I knew what performance I could expect from my solar system! Ty, along with Bland Solar & Air, saved me a lot of money in both the short term and long term!

Additionally, Bland Solar & Air did what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it. Additionally, the staff was extremely good at communicating when things were going to happen. We never had a delay from what was promised to be done at any one time. Having done a great deal of construction and home improvements I know this is a very rare situation to have happen. I could tell that they employed quality professionals who knew what they were doing. Bland separated themselves from all of the other solar companies I dealt with by not worrying about what the other companies tried to promise, but by clearly explaining the “what’s” and “why’s” they thought I should do in terms of not only my solar power, but also my air conditioning & furnace. They provided verified information with sources to back-up their promises.

I would recommend Bland Solar & Air to anyone!

Joe Johnson, Fresno, CA

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We went completely solar a few months ago. From the day we stepped into their showroom, through the entire purchase and installation, Bland was professional and followed through from start to finish without any problems. The showroom people were friendly and knowledgeable.

The people who installed the panels were prompt and obviously knew exactly what needed to be done. The entire process was stress free and the money we are saving from going solar is exciting!

If you are even remotely thinking about going solar, Bland Solar is definitely a company that you need to contact!

Tom & Patti Clemetson, Atascadero, CA

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