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Bakersfield - (661) 836-3880    |    Fresno - (559) 385-2528    |    SLO - (805) 602-6688

Bakersfield - (661) 836-3880
Fresno - (559) 385-2528    |    SLO - (805) 602-6688

Bland Ambassadors

You know how much you love Bland. We know how much you do too. And now, when you tell others about us, you can get paid a referral bonus! It’s a classic Win-Win scenario!

In our Bland Ambassador referral program, we will give you a cash bonus for every customer you refer to us that ends up signing a contract. And there’s no limit to how much money you can earn. Exciting, right?


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Bland Roofing Heading

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* Depending on system or job size. See Sales Consultant for details.
** The Bland Ambassador referral program is subject to change without notice.

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