5 Advantages to Owning Solar in California

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Solar panels on roof, Bland company.


When it comes to solar in California and especially when it’s related to installing solar panels on your home, we know it can be a long process when you’re looking for information on how to make the best option. With California having the largest solar market in the U.S. it makes sense that there’s competition for your interest.

1.     If you own the system…you claim the tax credit. When it comes to owning solar in California, whoever owns the energy system claims the credit. Typically, the commonly presented options to homeowners are those involving a lease or PPA (power purchase agreement). Make sure you ask about your option to own solar panels.

2.     Contribute to the states growing solar power percentage! Did you know that California residents rank number 2 in the country for owning solar? Not only that but more than 20 percent of California’s electricity comes from solar power. 

3.     Owning solar is more affordable now. Prices have fallen 45% over the last five years to own solar in California. The solar market today is not what was a few years ago, where most paid for the system up front with no financing options. Bland Company offers different financing options to help you own your solar panels.

4.     If you move, it adds value to your home. Owning your solar panels won’t interfere in the process of trying to sell your home. If anything, it’ll add value to your home as you’re reducing the future costs of energy bills for the potential buyers. 

5.     Keep your home powered through blackouts. When you install solar depending on the size of your system and how much energy you use or don’t, you may look into the option of installing battery backup. This gives you the option to store the power you produce and keep your home powered in the event of a grid outage. 

The reasons for owning solar are different for each person, and we want to help you feel confident about the choice you make to own solar in California. Follow us on our Instagram page or like our Facebook page @blandcompany to see different tips about solar! 

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