Types of Electric Power Solar Systems You Need to Know



Know about the different types of solar systems so you can make a decision to choose the right one for your energy needs.

There are many residential power solar systems that people use all over the world. There are however those that stand out from the rest due to their capability to serve without faltering. The three types are:

  • Off-grid
  • Grid inter-tied
  • Grid inter-tied having a battery as backup

It is important you know how these different solar systems function so that you know what to go for when looking for one of these to install at your home or business premises. Bakersfield solar companies highlight out their differences below for a better understanding.

Grid Inter- Tied Solar Setup (With Batteries as Back-Up)

This system is almost similar to the Grid Inter-Tied Solar set up only that it is connected to both the House’ electricity grid and external batteries too. This can be costly than the rest but tends to have a more steady power supply. With this set up you are safe from power outages and at no time would you lack power in your residential home.

It can, however, be disadvantageous to have this system because the charging and discharging of the batteries mitigate their overall efficiency. During days with excessive sunlight, more power is harnessed and stored in the batteries for future use which is quite beneficial for those that need high power voltages.

Off-Grid Solar System

This is a unique power solar system that is really different from the normal systems. Off-Grid solar systems are normally fully disconnected from the traditional or normal power grid. This forces the system to have batteries that can be used since the system cannot access power from the main grid. These batteries come in very handy in keeping a continuous power supply especially when there is excess demand for the same.

You, however, have to be excessively keen to prevent power shortfalls when the solar batteries are discharged or the solar structure starts under-producing. In such a case a backup generator could be very handy in giving the required power to undertake day to day activities.

Grid Inter-Tied Power Solar Setup

This type of solar system functions well independently but works best when connected to the home electric connection. This makes it possible for the home owner to utilize either power from the house electricity grid or the solar system itself.

The major advantage of this setting is one harness more power to match the diverse home power requirements. Through net metering, excess power can be sold to the utility company. These types of solar systems are cost effective because you do not need a lot of capital to install it. It is the cheapest of the three and most used by people currently.

All these systems are each unique in their own way and one just has to be keen to notice these properties. Knowing these details is beneficial to you especially when you intend to go for solar shopping or intend to hire an expert to help you with your system. Remember you need a certified and experienced expert to help you with the installation and repairs of such solar power grid systems as it could be risky to DIY on your own. Experts from Bakersfield solar companies could assist you with more than just suggesting the right panels to buy which is they you should consult with them for your solar installation and repair needs.

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