Different Types of Solar Energy Systems You Need to Know About

Wondering which type of solar system suits your energy requirements? Read on to know more about five common systems available.

A solar power system converts sunlight from DC to AC electricity using solar photovoltaic panels. You can get the best solar solutions Bakersfield has to offer by simply consulting a reputable solar installer. Let us take a brief look at the types of solar power systems in existence: Off-Grid Solar Systems, On-Grid Solar Power Systems, Commercial Solar Power Systems, Hybrid Solar Power Systems, and Ground-Mounted Solar Power plants.

Off-Grid Solar System

If you lack an electric connection or a reliable grid, this system is ideal for you. The off-grid solar power plant system has a battery bank that is used to store DC electricity. An inverter will then convert DC to AC current which is the standard form of electricity for plugging into utility power and is the appropriate current for common household appliances.

On-Grid Solar Power System

If a reliable grid is accessible but your bills are high then the on-grid solar power system is ideal for you. You must be connected to the grid for this to function and excess power generation is sent back to the grid for redistribution.

Hybrid Solar Power System

Off-grid power plants are great for people without a reliable grid. If you also want to export the power to the government then the hybrid solar power system is for you. The hybrid system is a combination of the off-grid and on-grid solar systems.

Commercial Solar Power System

These systems are larger-scale solar PV systems (typically for businesses) that only generate power when there is a utility power grid available. Commercial solar systems must be connected to the main grid in order for them to function. These solar systems can send excess generated power back to the main grid when there is an overproduction of power.

Hire the Best Local Installer

You can look for a company that offers solar solutions Bakersfield that include annual maintenance and repair services as well. It is important to hire an installer who is experienced in assessing the conditions of your surroundings before going about the installation job. Ensure they have the right tools and employees who can install the solar panels in the right direction and place to get maximum solar power during any time of the day. Make sure they are certified and licensed to carry out the job. In the end, ensure the solar panels come with a valid warranty so you can replace them if any manufacturing issue arises. Remember, switching to solar doesn’t have to be complicated when you hire the right solar company.

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