Harnessing the Power of the Sun

As we continually look for new sources of clean renewable energy and ways of living green, individual customers are looking to themselves to effect change in a tangible way that corporations and governments seem unwilling to do.  While governments pass laws and spend money to try to implement measures that will lessen climate change, corporations are slow to actually bring these measures into use, more worried about their profit margins than the damage they cause through their continued of fossil fuels.

In Germany, where solar panels often reside alongside farmlands, electrical companies have seen as much as a thirty percent loss in their profits from quarter to quarter.  These figures have American companies running scared, worried that solar power here will begin to affect their profits as well.

With corporations seemingly unwilling to make the change, Americans are increasingly taking matters into their own hands to live a green lifestyle.  From recycling to installing tank less water heaters and investing in hybrid cars, the American consumer is becoming a power for climate change.  Many have decided that even if the government and corporations cannot or will not be more environmentally conscious, then they themselves will make the effort to live a green lifestyle.

Reducing energy consumption has been a practical change that many are embracing.  Driving a hybrid car means less consumption of oil.  Putting in a tank less water heater offers hot water on demand, heating it as it is needed rather than requiring a constant pull of energy to keep a tank full of water perpetually heated for the times it is wanted.  Hiring a solar company in Bakersfield, CA or Cleveland, OH to install solar panels not only reduces a households draw on the electrical grid, but also has benefits you may not have realized.

  • While many believe that solar panels are not an efficient way of creating electricity, scientists have set a new record of nearly 27% efficiency. This means that 27% of the energy that reaches a solar panel is able to be converted to electricity, a huge advance from the days of 11%.
  • Watch your energy bills decrease. Solar panels have the wonderful advantage of reducing your electric bill from the day that the solar company in Bakersfield installs them on your home.  Whether you live in sunny California or in a cloudier region, solar panels generate enough energy to power your home, often exceeding your power consumption needs and allowing you to sell that power to the electric company.
  • Get a tax credit. Thirty percent of the cost of your equipment and the installation can be claimed as a federal tax credit.  Add to this the rebates many states and localities are offering and the total cost of installing your solar panels is greatly reduced.
  • Solar panels are an investment. The average annual energy costs per person is around $3000, and solar panels allow you to eliminate that cost from the moment they are installed and continually for the life of the panels, which are usually guaranteed for 25 years.  That is $75,000.  Now add nearly $6,000 (per kilowatt installed) that your home’s resale value has now increased. And finally, factor in the cost a new roof on your house would cost; solar panels extend the life of a roof because they protect that roof from the sun, rain, wind, and snow.  Quite the investment.
  • The satisfaction of having energy independence, reducing our carbon footprint, and making a contribution to water conservation (fossil fuel energy requires water for cooling) all rolled into a simple solar panel.
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